Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Black Cock Sluts Janet Mason & Alexis Golden

            Janet Mason/Alexis Golden vs Monster Cocks!!
        I got them back, finally. Janet Mason and Alexis Golden are my 2 fav women. I have known them for a decade now and the pussy is always a joy to get into. They are both insane over BBC and both are always ready to get nasty. Not only that they can take a good pounding 
Years ago Alexis Golden introduced me to Janet Mason and we been getting nasty from that day to this day. They called me and asked if I wanted to have a lil fun and if I had a friend I could bring. That day I just happened to be hanging out with my boy Puzzy Bandit smoking a few blunts. I said I had no one I could bring but they still wanted me to swing by for a lil nastiness. 
They did not know I was bringing my partner so when I got there they were surprised and ready. It was my pleasure to hook them up with another guy cause they both have introduced me to some of the best pussy in the world. 
So we all get on the bed, I make the intros and we start fuckin right away. Tons of dick sucking, deepthroat, dick riding, doggie style, and  getting pounded. We pounded those tight pussies like if we would never get anymore. We got so loud that hotel security came to the door to see if everything was ok and for us to keep the noise down. Yall know what chemistry me and these 2 woman have so them getting loud was natural and there is no way in holding them back. 
Yall asked for another with each of them so I got them both together for you. These 2 Big Black Cock Sluts love fucking and cum. You should see how they swap and share loads. This is a TRUE Alexis Golden/Janet Mason CLASSIC. dont miss getting this lil gem

 They rode us well,
 We rode them well,
 They sucked and we got it from behind
 They ate our cum,
 They swapped our cum
 They did it all and wanted even more...

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Dirty Whores Christina Noir & Slut Momo

Dirty Sluts Chistina Noir & Slut Momo!!

This is a lil clip I had forgot I had. I stumbled upon it while searching for another Christina Noir to post. I had been getting asked to post more from her from a lot of people. I have fucked this woman a ton of times over the years, but had not in over 10 years. As a surprise Christina brought Slut Momo all the way from New York to help celebrate my birthday. Slut Momo films like Christina and I do so you know we had to get something on film. Being that both Christina and Momo are swingers in real life and both only fuck BBC I knew it get real nasty.
I knock on the door and Christina opens it right away as if she had standing there waiting for me to knock. She answers the door in her fuck me gear ready to play. Damn I love this slut.

The moment I walk in her and Momo are undressing me, sitting me down, dropping to their knees and submitting to Big Black Cock as every woman should be. they wasted to time in showing my cock how he should be sucked. BBC Sluts are always eager to please.

They ducked me well for a good while util I just could not take it anymore, I had to get into some flesh. Talk about wet pussy, it was like a river when I went into that sweet pink. I thought I'd cum right away when I got in.

These sluts were constantly at my dick. When one was getting fucked the other made sure she was there eating pussy or licking balls. You just cant stop whores like this. The see BBC and they go for it

For easy access I put them side by side and went back and forth deep dicking them both. They were turned on to each other as well and always were touching each othr.

We went from position to position to position and they loved it, so id I. We actually ent at it fr over 90min but only caught about 30min of footage. I came and they still went on fuckin my dick. even after 2 hours when I was limp they were sucking me off getting me hard all over again. love these sluts

When it was all said and done I had Slut Momo eating cum out of Christina Noir's pussy and swapping it with her. Told you these Sluts are cum hungry and nasty, and proud of it.


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Richard Mann

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sara Jay - The Original Pawg

Rump Shaker Sara Jay!!

Back by popular demand I bring back THE ORIGINAL PAWG Sara Jay. This woman was a Pawg long before there was even the word Pawg.
I been knowing this woman for years and whenever she calls she wants to fuck. I was in Vegas shooting and she caught wind of it and gave me a call. I get there to the hotel and she is all ready to go. She has on this red fishnet number that shows everything, especially her Pawg Ass. I walk in the hotel room and she calls me out to the balcony where she was getting done with a photo shoot.
I go out to where she is and she tells the camera she ready to fuck. She starts dancing around cause she knows I'm a ass Mann. I oil her huge ass up and she shakes it just the way I like it.
I oil her huge tits up and fuck them till I cant take it anymore, next thing I know she suckin dick, gagging and choking and spit everywhere. I take her into the living room where I put her on the couch Doggie Style cause I love her posing and showing off all that ASS. As she is shaking her sweet ass she tells me she ready for me to get off in her. Damn this woman loves BBC, and it shows. I slide in and that pussy was so wet I thought I'd nut right then and there. I had to pound cause I wanted to see that ass bouncing. After a while I sit her on my dick and she bounces away. that ass was shaking and giggling as she slammed down hard. I put her on her back and she open real wide for me and I slid in balls deep.

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