Monday, February 10, 2014

The stretching out of @LeilaniLeiXxX

I was on Twitter and mentioned that I was going to Ft. Lauderdale for a video shoot or 2. The second I said that Tweeted back to make sure to check her out, that she been waiting to ride my 11 Inch BBC for a long time.
I book my hotel and airfare and I'm on my way. I cut on my phone the second I touch down and I get a text from her asking if I have arrived and if I'm ready to get nasty. I text back that I am but that I had to check in to the hotel first. She tells me to check in later and to come right over and fuck her, that she has been waiting a long time and wanted my first nut. Who am I to say no to a cum hungry slut.
I cath the shuttle over, knock on the door and she answers and tells me how much she has been waiting on me and gives me a huge hug. She asks me if I want to do a lil role play and I say I was ready to fuck. She sit me down on the couch and her husband picks up the camera and away we go.
This woman strips off her clothes and her body is bangin. Nice and slim, small tits but some huge nipples, the kind I LOVE.
I sit on the couch and she is touching and grabbing and starts to unbutton my pants. She sees my cock and gasps telling me it looks bigger than it does in the pictures on Twitter. Before I could fully get my pants off her lips are firmly wrapped around my cock. She wasted no time and starts to choke me down deep.
I had been waiting for this and stand up to take off my pants. Before I could fully get them off she is on her knees and sucking me off. WOW, this woman had really came to get nasty. I was very eager to fuck so I lay her on the bed. The first thing I notice is her perfectly shaved pussy. OMG it was just asking to be licked but I wanted to be in her soooo bad.
I start to slide in but being her pussy was so tight I had to take my time. I could tell she needed a good stretching out, and I was just the Mann to do it. Stretching out a Slut is not something you rush into, if you do you'll hurt her and she'll never wanna fuck you again. I seen I'd have to be extra careful with her cause her pussy was so tight, but I'd be damn if I was not going to break her in right. This Slut loves to fuck so I knew I could take my time and do it right.

To break her in right I knew I had to fuck her in a lot of positions and get as deep as I could. I knew that once I broke her in I could really start to pound her hard and deep. This slut took every inch and never once ran from the dick. She had came to fuck and took every inch I could give her. I fucked her good and long before I nutted deep in her pussy. She pushed it out and it was just lovely.
After she asked if I wanted to fuck some more. Of course I said yes and 15min later we are going at it again. WOW. this woman is a machine.
This time I knew I could ride her a lil harder than the first time. So I bust a nut and the slut asks me if I could come back over and fuck some more, that she wanted to get as much footage of us as she could. I myself just think she wanted to fuck more. she did and by 7pm I'm back deep in the pussy All 3 times I rode this slut hard and she took it and NEVER tried to run from the dick.

It will be on TODAY


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chyna Phat Hand Job

I had met Chyna Phat when I was in L.A.. Pinky had ask me to come down and do a Blog Job scene for her website. I get there and Pinky introduces to to Chyna Phat. OMG was the first thing I thought, this woman was a straight up amazon. She was about 5'10, sexy chocolate brown skin, a super huge ass, perfect tits and omg did she have a set of lips on her. They were made specifically for dick sucking. I mean she was the perfect package. It was as if she jumped straight out of my dreams. I just knew she was the one I'd be getting my dick sucked by. Was I so right. When her lips wrapped around my dick for that first time it felt like my whole body just melted away.
Her and Pinky gnawed away at me dick for like 30min. before I busted a fat nuts, which they shared. I love it when they get nasty. Pinky had told me she had a wild one but DAMN this woman sucks dick well.
Now after we finish I clean up I'm in the room getting dressed when she walks in and asks me point blank could she jack me off. She did not beat around the bush, did not try and make light convo before. She just wanked in and asked me could she jack me off.
She said she wanted nut again but could not suck me off again like she wanted to because her mouth and jaw was still a little bit sore from just sucking me off. You know damn well I'm not turning that shit down at all.
She notices my camera that is sticking out of my bag and tells me to cut it on so I'd have something to remember her by. She leaves out of the room and comes back with some lube. While she was I had pulled out my lube, cut the camera on, set it on the bedpost and started jacking off. She comes back in, kneels down and goes to work. This woman knows dick well. her hands were just sooo soft. her nails were perfectly manicured with those lil french tips like i love. I told you before, this woman was perfect.
Handjobs are such that if not done right you might as well not do it at all. In fact very very few women are actually good at it, much less great. But Chyna Phat was very great at it. This woman really knows dick. She knows how to handle dick well, knows when to get a lil rough with it and when to slow it down a lil. She was a true dick worshiper. When she slowed it down she would caress my dick, gawk at it, talked to it. It was as if she was making love to my dick with her hands.
She took her time with my dick and jacked me off right. She did not rush as most women do. She milked me well while edging me right along the way, yet another true sign she was a expert with dick. She told me she wanted to see me jack off her huge load on her ass. Being I'm one to give a woman what she wants I blew a huge load right on that even more huge ass. To this very day I'm still in awe on how this woman is as talented with dick as she is. If you don't know who this woman is you need to get the clip and find out. She is amazing with dick Just click on the GIF above and you'll see what a handjob should be, what a real handjob is.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

How I got started in the game of Porn

Click the above banner for If you LOVE HARDCORE FUCKIN like I do you'll LOVE and . ALL NEW ALL NASTY From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for coming to my lil site. Without you coming here I would not be able to do what I do. I know you have plenty of others you could have went with but you choose me, for that I am grateful. I am out here doing this without the backing of any company or investor. I am because I'm tired of companies benefiting off me to the degree they are and I get nothing but a slap in the face and I'm here because I love to fuck. I love pleasing women There is just something about woman that loves it as much as I do that gets me going. I love to fuck I am always scouting out new talent- looking to do content trades with any and all sexy women. I travel often so hit me up, I'm sure we can arrange something. and I'm @RichardMannXXX on twitter. again, thank you, keep in touch and enjoy. PLEASE DO NOT BOOTLEG MY CLIPS. PLEASE. I WORK VERY HARD TO MAKE THEM FOR YOU, IT COST ME A TON TO MAKE. PLEASE SUPPORT A INDEPENDENT BROTHA DOING IT ALL ON HIS OWN. AGAIN THANKS FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT Now lets get down to business...... I am often asked How to get into porn. I have gave the information many times but not like I am about to explain it now... What is written here is how I started and how I suggest starting in porn.. Sure many will tell you other ways and will suggest and even say I got it all wrong, so please take this with a grain of salt. This is not the only way to star but is just my suggestion.. Many people will tell you the game is to be sold and not told. I agree with that 100% so I trust you will pay me back by going to and getting a clip or 3. I started in this porn thing a little more than 8 years ago, but truth be told it was a little longer than that. I for years was stuck in a bad sexless marriage but still wanted to make it work for "the sake of the kids" thing. I felt I really could make it work and once I did that the sex would get better. That being said I had to still have sex until it did. Now I'm not one to really have a side chick. When you have more than 1 woman you multiply the issues you have twice as many as you already had. Plus I did not want to fall in love with another woman and think about leaving the wife I had. Anyway I though the perfect way to still get my fuck on was to find some sex parties to go to. I searched and search and searched but kept running into subscription porn sites, which was not what I was looking for. Then one day I came across a site called . It is now a subscription site but is the real deal and I highly suggest you click that link and go join. Once you join go to the classifieds section and post your ad and watch the Sluts come flooding into your email. OMG. If you are not sure how to post your ad go check out a few of the others so you can see what to write. DONT FORGET TO PUT A PICTURE. a Slut will not email you if you do not have one. Be warned, once you start swinging you will not be able to stop. no, I'm serious. Anyway I joined, put up my ad and the very next day I had about 10 Sluts hit me up wanting to play. Now the second swing party I went to turned out to be a video shoot for Susan Reno, she owned a website and her and her husband would travel America and her husband would film her getting gang banged by Big Black Cock. Now keep in mind I was still married and would be for another 6 years. She gave me the option of fucking her on the side or to be in the flick. I choose to be in the flick because I knew my wife nor any of her family was online. so it was light, camera, action. While we were filming it clicked in my mind that this was something I could do if things did not work out with the marriage. Little did I know it would be 6 years before things fell apart. So I put it int he back of my mind and kept going to the parties. You talk about wild. OMG, you would not believe how much women love black men and black cock. I could tell you all day everyday and it would not do it justice. There have been times I step into a party and before I could even get my coat off or say hi I had a cum hungry white cumslut sucking my cock. no lie, it happens just like that. of course there are rules pe se. no means no and just because a woman is there does not mean she has to fuck you. Once you start going you'll catch on real quick. ALWAYS bring condoms and some lube. You will not be fucking if you don't. Safe sex is something that is always practiced. I have seen guys not even able to get in the door because they did not have condoms. So don't forget yours. thats the swinging part. lets move onto the porn part... Once my marriage ended I was free to do whatever I wanted. By that time I had become somewhat know in the swing community. I had a little Yahoo Group which i had the nerve to have up even before I was not married anymore. Hey, none of my wife's family or friends were online. Soon after I separated I seen a ad on craigslist for a magazine called Black Inches, which is no longer around to the best of my knowledge. I answered the ad and they called and asked me if I wanted to shoot. Of course I said yes, I viewed it as a way to get my name out there to increase my chances of someone wanting me to do porn. I was right, it worked. At the same time I had some pictures posted online. Someone had seen me in Black Inches and was on the same site I was on where I had pictures posted and emailed me. They said they knew someone who knew someone that was in the porn business and asked if it was ok to send them my information. I said of course and the very next day I got a call from Brandon Iron, who has since retired. Also at that time I had a ad up on a Adult Model Site. The day after I put my ad up I got a email from West Coast Productions asking if I wanted to do porn. I was going to say no to both Brandon and WCP cause I had a girlfriend at the time, but she smacked me in the head, asked me what the fuck was wrong with me and told me I better say yes and be a star. those were her exact words, not mine. So I said yes and went down to southern california and did my thing. And that is how I got my start. I got extremely luckly. up until that time is was almost impossible to get into porn. you had to be extremely lucky like I was. BUT THAT WAS THEN.... Now it is much easier, especially now that the internet is in full bloom. Now-a-days anyone can get in without much effort. If you want to be in porn best know it once you start your business is out there for the world to see and will always be. that means certain job you will not be able to do after. You can forget about doing anything public. no teacher jobs, no public office jobs such as mayor, congress man/woman, most def not president. you can forget about all of that. Such is not so with swinging as swing parties are private and very few show themselves in pics if in a pic at all. I know plenty of teachers who swing, high school principals, DAs, and even a couple of mayors. Porn is not the business to get in if you think you are going to get rich. Yes its a billion dollar industry but only once making that kind of money are the giant companies that have million dollar budgets and have mastered the internet marketing game. Guys like me who do it all on they own got is hard and they is little to no profit at all, if any. It's mostly because of the free porn sites out there. People will come and cop your clips and post them to the free sites for all to see for free. they dont give a fuck that you paid a grip to make the shit. The average cost to make a full dvd is about 5 to 10k if you go the regular route and are not able to do the art work, the dvd menus, dvd box covers, dvd replication, paying for the people to be in it which could run you like 800-1000 for each chick in a scene and a dvd has five scenes. If you are not in the dvd you going to have to pay the guys are well. Don't forget hte camera man/woman and dont forget location fee. After all is said and done you could even up spending 10k VERy easy, only to have someone come to your site and take it and post it on a free site. Now yall see why I got a 9 to 5? and its even harder if you dont live in socal. If I lived in socal I could do shoots and get paid 800 per shoot, which is a lot. and a guy can do as many shoots a month as his dick can get hard. So if you are willing to live near socal you can make some great money but remember most guys only get like 300-400 per shoot. Also keep in mind that fucking at a swing party and/or your girlfriend/wife is NOT the same as fucking in front of a camera. One might think it is but for some reason, i dont know why it's a whole different animal. I have seen a lot of men on sets not be able to do it. and these same guys I have seen at parties taking on chick after chick with no problem at all. But once those cameras come on its a whole different story. Oh keep in mind there is no royalties in porn. Once you shoot you sign a model release, tehy pay you and you have no ownership rights at all. They own the material and can do whatever they want with it forever and you wone make a penny off of it at all. They can sell it to another. sell the pics to a magazine, whatever they wanna do with it they can do. they can ever photoshop the pics to make you look gay or look like a jerk. they own it 100%. This is one of the reasons I started doing it myself and because doing it myself was what I wanted to originally wanted to do in the first place. Now yes I could do my own thing in socal and still shoot for the companies and make a damn good living, but I want to be near my kids. I feel it's a must to be that father figure that is close by. I got to be there up close and personal as if I was still living with them. When I stayed in socal for 3 years I hated having to fly back up just to spend 1 or 2 weekends with them. I felt I was cheating them out of their father. So when my contract was up I swore to always live in San Francisco Bay Area no matter what, even if it meant me not being in porn anymore. Now if you want to do it all on your own, which is what i suggest, you are going to have to put up your own site. if you dont know how you are going to have to hire someone to make it which can run you anywhere from 2k to 5k to design it. You are going to have to have someone run it once it is up and that means you are going to have to split with him/her 50/50. Not only that you got to worry about the site designer is goign to steal your deposit which is usually half upfront and you are going to have to worry about your webmaster stealing your shoots and selling them and pocketing the money. you got a lot to worry about. So if you go that way get someone you can trust 100% or learn to do it yourself. Now dont misunderstand me MOST site designers and webmasters are totally honest and will NOT do you wrong, but I feel it not be right to not tell you about everything. So dont think I'm telling you designers and webmasters are crooks, not at all most(90%) are hard working everyday average people like you are I. They work hard for a living, they got families to feed just like we do. But there are some out there that will fuck you over and think nothing of it. Being I dont know how to be a webmaster or site designer and want to do it all myself I choose as the place to put my clips. YES I could had someone being my webmaster and they have been loyal to me from day one. Damien cane is his name and he has looked out for me when I did not know what to look out for. If not for him I would not even be in porn, thats just how much he has taken care of me. He even found the company that desgined my site. They did a amazing job and I still use the logo they did to this very day. So dont think I'm here ragging on webmasters and designers, not all, I'm just telling you what to look out for. Now as far as finding chicks that will shoot with you? thats the easy part. I have been shooing with @JanetMasonXXX and @AlexisGoldenXXX and @SaraJayXXX for many many years and more than likely they will shoot with you. drop them a line on twitter and ask them. As far as pying them to shoot with me I do what is called a content exchange. Thats where you shoot with each other and both own the content and are free to do as they each please. This way you dont have to pay any moeny. It's the perfect way in my mid to do it. other than that all you have to do is advertise the shit out of it online which can cost you money but not as much as you think. You'll put more money into getting to the chicks you want to film with than anything else. Them flights, hotels, STD tests etc can run into the thousands very easy. So do it yourself if you can, that way you will own it forever and do with it as you please forever I'm sure there are some points I missed so if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me and ask. I'm always on twitter and will respond to you. ALSO remeber the game is to be sold and not told. therefore please go to my site and get a few clips. Support a guy who is out here doing it for himself. If you don't no one else will thank you, come again Richard Mann The Home of Hardcore Fucking and The Home of the Super Sluts