Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sry for the super small pic
This is the Trailer to Milf Mann 3 - This is the joint yall been asking me about. Well here it is ready for human consumption. In it I got @SexyKarenFisher @AlexisGoldenXXX @KateFaucett @AmberPeach @AngirNoir
These Milf are serious about fuckin and LOVE Big Black Cock, true BlackCockSluts. This is yet another must get DVD especially if u love Milfs like I do
Its at Videos4Sale.com/19603 and individual scenes at Clips4Sale.com/19603 The Home of Hardcore Fuckin
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Black Bettys DVD Trailer - Black Pussy Busting at it's Best

Sorry the pic is so small

OK, finally after all this time I put out my very first Black chick DVD. It took me a while but I did it. This one is a banger for sure, you know how I do.

In it got the very first scene I did with Pinky. Before I met her I heard she was wearing brothas out without batting a eyelash. While I was on my way to the hotel all I kept thinking was "im gonna beat these guts up", and thats exactly what I did. I hammered them guts in so many positions it should be against the law. I even had her upside down on her head. She tried to tap out, key word tried, but I was having none of it and kept pounding away. But no matter how hard I pounded she took it and took it screaming all the way. This one is a true classic.

It Black Bettys is also Misti Luv, a sexy lil honey Pinky introduced me to. She had a thing for role playing to se acted out a lil something for her. BUT after that I had her spread wide like a eagle getting it hard and deep. When I seen I could fuck her anyway I wanted I let that couch on fire. She tried to take it but at times it was a little to much and we had to stop. I asked her if she wanted to completely stop and she said no and that she had been needing a good fuck for a long time.

Next up I got Destiny Dream, a sexy lil thing from the east coast. You would have thought this sista had never had dick before in her life. the second I hit the door she was on her knees sucking my dick. She had my dick in her mouth before the camera man started filming. She had a amazing throat and a gung ho sprite her that had me going. I pounded her good, hard and deep and she took em like it was nothing and wanted even more. that ASS, omg that ass. so soft and so giggly. I love ass. I think this chick fell in love with me. When I was taking a shower after the shoot she jumped in and started bathing me and cleaning me up. Next thing I know she suckin and we fuckin again. She got a real fetish for cum and pulled 3 loads out of me

Last but certainly not least is Xena the Chocolate Booty as I call her. This sexy thing had hit me about 4 months before AVN asking if I was going to be there and wanted to know if we could film. At first I thought it was a joke, that is until I'm on the convention floor and she calls me asking if I was ready. She gave me her room number and I go see her. OMFG this woman was just so chocolate. I wanted to jump in her right then and there but I thought I'd wow her and took her to a few VIP parties. We went everywhere that night and when I got her back to the hotel she was ready. I dicked her for like 3 hours. I called my boy and when he got there we filmed about 45min of it.

Well there is is Black Bettys. You dont wanna miss this joint. pick up a copy at Videos4Sale.com/19603 and dont forget to step on over to Clips4Sale.com/19603 The Home of Hardcore Pounding
So pick up one and... Well u know

Monday, August 18, 2014

Blog Update

forgive me not maintaining this blog as I said I would be. Life sometimes get hectic and certain things seem to get lost in the shuffle here and there.
In the next couple of days I will update you all on the freaky shit I been getting into, and its been a lot.
I'm still fucking that guy's wife up north, you know the ones that pays me so he can watch. Its been years since I told you about them. Well she is a bigger slut than ever these days. Me and her husband got her good and trained. She is a true BBC addict, and proud of it. I'll update u soon on that.
I been a few places as well, in particular Ft. Lauderdale Florida. This guys finds chicks for me to fuck awhile he films it. pays me well at that. go figure.
Also in Florida Alexis Golden flew me in for a lil sport fucking with her, Angie Noir and Janet Mason. I even invited my partner Puzzy Bandit to help me out. I even made a return trip to get back in Angie Noir 5 more times.
Just this weekend I was in Vegas parting with DFW Knight and 5 or 6 lady friends. We got nasty.

So give me a few days and i'll get you all up to speed.