Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MannWhore - Privates

I been doing this porn stuff for about 4 years now and thus far have been having a great time. I've fucked some fine bitches, went outside the united states and even came close to fucking a known celebrity. But what I had yet to do up into a week ago is what chicks call a 'Private'. 'Private' is just a neat way of saying turning a trick.
On a lot of shoots I hear chicks telling funny stories of the privates they have done and all the money they make from it. They'd tell stories of how the guy,'trick', would in most cases just sit there and watch 2 or 3 chicks play. I'd hear all of this and say to myself, there has got to be some guys wanting to see them same chicks gettin fucked live by black dick, got to be. I'd ask tell these same chicks that if the need a guy to 'help out' let me know. months and years go by and still nothing.
Then one night I'm chillin with my cousin Alonzo Knight and my nigga Ken, smokin blunts and watchin Mike Epps. Ken gets ready to leave and then all of a sudden he asks me if i'd be interested in makin 600 fuckin some pornchicks. Of course I was interested, I been lookin for some shit like this for years. He said he be back at about 10pm to pick me up, I was ready at 9 and sittin by the window as if I'm waitin for the mail man to deliver that special package. He shows up and we make our way to some hotel in Malibu, smokin blunts all the way there. We get there, finish smokin and make our way to the room.
We get in the door and there is 5 chicks and some fat sloppy white dude, about 45, sittin there watchin as 3 of the chicks are on the floor eatin each other out as if there is no tomarrow. Hell you could barely tell where one chick started and the other ended, I jump right in, not saying hi or anything. The chick at the bottom of the pile, we'll call her Martha, who I have fucked many times before, jumps up and say hi my name is Julie and this is my daughter Becky, as she winks her left eye so the guy on the couch could not see. Thats when it flashed to me that Ken had said they got this guy thinking he watching a mother and daughter team fuck in front of each other for the first time. The whole thing was suppose to be Becky home from some college on the east coast, in need of money, over hears moms talkin about the private, is shocked, asks moms if she could come to, gets involved, at which time the chicks call me, Ken and another cat.
These hos had been in that hotel with dude since about 12noon, Ken and i dont get there till about 7pm. DAMN. anyway Martha introduces herself and her 'daughter', the other chicks in the room, whom I pretended not to know, but had fucked each and everyone on film and in private, and pulls my head back into her pussy. I'm in heaven, I had finally found that elusive private I had been lookin for, and was gettin paid for it, gettin paid to fuck 5 bitches. WOW how real is that shit.
I'm eatin pussy, finger fuckin and gettin deep in that pussy as if I was fuckin her. My boy Ken goes over ans start fuckin her 'daughter' Becky. The other chicks were on the couch, 2 eatin each other out as if they had never touched a pussy before and the other cuddle up next to fat dude. I go to touch one but apparently they were 'off limits' as far as fuckin was concerned . I turn my attention to Becky who was fuckin the other cat who had joined the party earlier, Ken was fuckin Martha. I go over and before I could grab her head she grabs my dick and starts to deep throat me, spit drollin out and all. Bitch gets about 2 inches from balls deep in fact before pullin up. I was surprised as fuck to, this bitch was tiny as hell. 'ol boy and I was double teamin her real good, she ridin him cowgirl and my dick in her mouth.
Then ken pulls out of Martha, walks over to fuck Becky in the ass. After about 5min of screams, lube, and ass spreading Ken fits in. We had this lil tramp airtight and was slamin hard as hell. He was this lil bitch takin big dick as if she was addicted to dick. We rode her like this for about 15 hard mins before Martha comes over somehow gets her head between the DP and starts to suck on dick and balls. DAMN some of these porn chicks can get down right nasty. We ride her for another 5min and then put her in reverse cowgirl with me balls deep in her ass. We dicked her real hard in both her ass and pussy. WOW.
We all pul out Becky sweatin like a pig and in need of a lil break, but I say fuck that, go over grad Becky and put her ass up face down and get right back into that ass. I pound that lil bitch to, she took it like a champ always beggin for it deeper. after 5min I go to pull out and she grabs my leg ans shouts dont quit I'm finally gettin fucked right. While I'm fuckin this tiny bitch Ken and brothaman are across the room DPing Martha in cowgirl real good. I pull out of Becky and we start to watch. all of a sudden one of the chicks on the couch starts suckin my dick, or should I say attacking my dick, spit everywhere and sounds of loud gaggin. Shit shocked me, all this time had went by and the 3 of them was on the couch with fat dude eatin each other out, fuckin each other with dildos and watchin us fuck these 2 sluts.
Becky and I continue to watch as I'm gettin chocked down. I grab Becky, lay on the floor next to Martha who is still gettin DPed hard and put her in reverse cowgirl. I'm all in the bitch ass rammin her hard and then Ken pulls out of Martha DPed ass and jumps into Becky pussy and we star dickin her hard like Martha was gettin. Ken jumps back and forth from ass to pussy and pussy to ass. Ken keeps hard and then nuts in Becky mouth not wastin a drop on her or the floor. Somehow Martha turns he head upside down and Becky spits cum rigth in her mouth. the swap a few times and then Martha finally swallows. Homeboy and I continue fuckin, I in Becky ass and he in Martha's pussy. We fuck for about another 10min and both finally nut in both in Martha's mouth. he and Becky swap a few times before Martha ends up swallowing both loads.
DAMN I love nasty bitches.
Something about being able to dick a bitch down the way you want that gets me going, its like being let out of a cage. I dont have to restrict myself from just going blanko like I always wanna do, and the sick thing about it I was gettin paid 600 to do it.
So we get dressed and bounce. While we are in the elevator I look at my watch and say to myself damn only 40min went by. I pinch myself to make sure im not dreamin, still in disbelief that im in socal livin the life I have dreamed of since I was 13 years old and my grandfather found my compilation of girly magazines I had found in the garage of a house he and my grandmother owned. I was shocked when he found it cause all he said was make sure your grandmother dont find it and gave it back to me. He was already a tripple OG to be but after that one he elevated himself to quad OG.
Well thats it, my lil story on privates, I hope I get some more soon. Peace

Richard Mann